A workout the whole family will enjoy

Want to enjoy the beauty of the mountains from a different point of view? Then swap out your alpine skis for Nordics and try cross-country skiing, the perfect family workout that can easily be scaled for all different skill levels.

For those looking to experience the thrill of cross-country skiing in the White Mountains, there are plenty of trails for all skill levels within a 40-mile radius of Lincoln, NH. Popular trails include the Livermore Trail, which is an easy loop with gentle slopes and beautiful views of the White Mountains, and the Franconia Notch Trail, which is a more advanced trail offering challenging hills and spectacular mountain scenery.

The Loon Mountain Resort area also offers a number of trails for both beginner and advanced skiers, with a range of terrain suitable for all levels. The Loon Adventure Center offers a variety of expertly groomed, curated trails that run the gamut of skill levels. From gentle beginner paths along the Pemigewasset River to more challenging trails that ascend Black Mountain, visitors can either challenge themselves or enjoy a leisurely scenic stroll through a winter wonderland. Guided tours and rental equipment are available. And if that’s still not enough for your liking, the moderately challenging Lincoln Woods Trail offers a 9.4-mile out-and-back trip just a few minutes up the Kancamagus. For the super-motivated, try The Semi Pemi Loop (23.4 miles) – a true challenge to your stamina with a high reward for the senses and lifelong bragging rights to those who complete it. Cross-country skiing is weather dependent, so be sure to check out the conditions before heading out for the day.