At its essence, living at South Peak is about enjoying the natural beauty of the White Mountains. For some, it’s a daily walk-and-talk through the neighborhood, for others, the 6-hour-strenuous Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop which ascend three peaks, including the highest mountain outside the Presidential Range – Mount Lafayette.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire are a popular destination for hikers of all ages and skill levels due to their wide range of trails and stunning views. Located in the Western White Mountains, the town of Lincoln is a prime spot for anyone looking to get back in touch with nature, with easy access to some of the best trails in the area.

Loon Mountain, in particular, offers more than three miles of trails leading to the summit. From the top, hikers can enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Washington and Mount Moosilauke near the Vermont border. For beginners or those with young children, the Georgiana Falls trail offers a short, flat route that follows an old snowmobile trail. It ultimately leads to a beautiful 30-foot waterfall that’s sure to amaze both young and old. For more experienced outdoorsmen, the Mount Lafayette Loop is a 9.5-mile loop trail that climbs 3,900 feet. Seasoned hikers will be challenged and rewarded in equal measure, as the view from the peak of the trail is the sort that needs to be seen to be believed.

In addition to these trails, the White Mountains are also home to a section of the world-famous Appalachian Trail, which passes through the Presidential Mountains and offers even more hiking and outdoor adventure opportunities. The Welsh Dickey Trail, located near Lincoln, is also a popular destination for hikers, with a robust climb to a picturesque mountain peak.